I love mini things. Really. I am some kind of mini loving freak. If you have some food in regular size or mini size, I will always choose the mini size. I pretty much wish the entire world would be miniature. And my Japanese peeps seem to agree with me on this. Which explains why […]

all i want in life

I travel a lot. And I know that I am a snob these days. Economy hurts my brain. Really. I start to break out in hives when people mention 12 hour economy flights. I will practically sign over my first born child to fly anything but. Until now. I will fly economy any day on […]

gram v ryder

Father vs Son. Graham and Ryder at 3 months old. Do all babies just look alike or do they really look alike? I wonder. Also, not sure why they have Graham dressed in a strange leopard skin print.

bringing sexy back

Went to Japantown for lunch and while I was there ended up purchasing a few pair of tabi. Tabi are essentially traditional Japanese socks for flip-flops. I used to wear them during Obon festival at the Buddhist temple when I was a kid, but haven’t seen any since. I love wearing flip-flops, but find that […]