better homes and gardens readers are stupid

I was sitting here thumbing through a copy of the March 2008 edition of Better Homes and Gardens when I came across this “article” in the sidebar. It is from the book Anyone Can Cook by Better Homes and Gardens.

Get Crackin’
Reveal your “eggs-pertise” when recipes call for the versatile ingredient. To crack an egg, tap it firmly on the countertop or on the edge of a bowl. Use your thumbs to separate the shell, being careful not to let any shell break off into the egg.

To separate yolk from white, use an egg separator or a slotted spoon. When recipes call for beaten eggs, place eggs in a bowl. Beat with a fork until pale yellow with no streaks of white or yolk.

OK. Are you serious? No. Really. Are you serious? No. Really.

This makes me wonder what the demographic is for Better Homes and Gardens readers.