Tranquil Moments Travel Sound Therapy System / Alarm Clock

Originally submitted at Brookstone Achieve better sleep and relaxation wherever you go. Our Tranquil Moments® Travel Sound Therapy System includes eight clinically proven sound programs to help you sleep or relax wherever you go. Sleep sound programs include: White Noise, Rain, Celestial and Summer Night. Relaxation programs … Tranquil Moments® Travel Sound Therapy System / […]

hacking the smart

I’ve had another of my never-ending tech challenges this week… All I’ve ever wanted to do is play my ipod in my car. Is that too much to ask? For realz. I began the mission by purchasing a Harmon Kardon Drive + Play from eBay for about £30. This solution seemed pretty simple with the […]

nerd alert!

1-900-NERD-GIRL? Who knew that I had my own 900 number? It should use Skype Prime for billing.