virtual kitty

Hello Kitty virtual world? Did I die and go into a pink wonderland of cute Asian-ness? I don’t think I am exactly the target audience, but it is just so cute (if not completely annoying). I am soooo signed up for the closed beta. Rock on Kitty! From the website: At long last the amazing […]

elmo of the future

It has been far too long since I requested an Elmo doll. Not sure that this new on is an improvement over the TMX. I don’t want the thing to make jokes, I just like it when he rolls around on the floor scaring the shit out of the dog. This is the latest Elmo […]

happy not vday

I’m a day late and a dollar short. As usual. Here is the Post Secret valentine day video – the track playing (which I really dig) is Donora – Shhh.

laptop bag chic

I was recently faced with one of my many dilemmas. This time it was having to do with the fact that I have a new laptop, but nothing to carry it around in. At least nothing stylish. Being one of the biggest handbag fanatics of all time I feared being tied down to yet another […]