jawbone (rocks)

Let me preface this post by stating in no way do I condone the usage of a Bluetooth headset while you walk around the streets. This is a trend that is completely and utterly beyond my comprehension and ranks pretty high up on my “shit that makes me want to hurt people” list. This is something that I have seen countless times in the States and seems to be a growing trend here in Europe these days as well. Typically it is some super Ghetto (yes with a capital G) person or some wanky business man who thinks he is way more important than he really is.

If I hate Bluetooth headsets so damned much, then you may be asking yourself why the hell would I buy one? Fair point.

My reasons for purchasing a Jawbone headset are as follows:

1) I wanted to have a headset for the car so I don’t get pulled over (talking on your phone whilst driving is illegal here – as it should be everywhere)

2) I wanted a headset to use with my slick new little laptop that was wireless (I hate wires!) for Skype calling

I realised that there is an overlap in these technologies and decided to try to find a device that would suit both needs equally well. I wanted to avoid purchasing some large wireless headphones for the laptop because I’m all about slim fitting jeans and what not…


In my research, I found that the Jawbone was a nice sleek product that seemed to have (at least from the demo videos) superior sound quality. Oh and it came in fashionable colours and we all know I’m a sucker for colours.

I did a little research to make sure that is was Skype compatible (oddly enough the Skype founders are investors in the company – so it better damn well be compatible), if it would work with my new Crackberry 8120 and finally I made sure that it was Vista compliant because I didn’t feel like fighting my crappy OS for hours on end to get it paired. All boxes ticked so I busted out the credit card and bought one for £70 online.

The package came today. Yipee!

My initial reaction was – damn this is a big box for a little headset. I unwrapped the padded exterior to reveal a rather attractive and expensive looking packaging. A large plastic box with all my goodies. I have to say – it was impressive packaging.

I charged the headset with the included USB cable for a good 45 minutes (yeah, I couldn’t wait the entire time) and then got to pairing up my devices. All in all it took about 2 minutes to pair the Blackberry and I as off and running with voice dialling and everything. Granted my Blackberry can’t understand what I am saying so I got the correct person about 50% of the time, but this isn’t any fault of the Jawbone.

Arrived home and paired the Jawbone up with Vista, restarted Skype, did a few little tweaks and finally got it working. Test called Bob on his mobile phone with my head under the oven hood on high and, although Bob is pretty deaf, he swears that he didn’t hear the fan AT ALL. Amazing that the noise cancelling works that well, but it DOES.

Overall verdict: Great product thusfar. Easy to configure. Design as cute as can be. Packaging amazing. Nerdgirl gives her thumbs up on this one.

One more notable thing. It comes with a USB charger. God bless any company that makes their products compatible with a USB charger. Thank you and good night.