is it xmas again so soon?

OMG. It is like Santa has come all over again. I am so excited that I can hardly contain my nerdiness right now.

As you all know, I’m a proud Crackberry addict. The numero uno propaganda spreading lover of the beauty and simplicity of a Blackberry. I’ve gone through several versions from the 7130 to the Pearl and I have loved them all. Each one has gained small but significant features that I can’t live without. So when realsing that I had to switch off my old mobile number, I decided to enter into a new contract (yuck) but at the same time upgrade my Pearl 8100 to the 8120.


The Pearl 8120 from outward appearances doesn’t seem to be any different than the 8100. The only noticeable difference is the o2 Pearl has a navy blue cover. Whopee. So why the hell would I waste my money to get a new phone?

Earlier I had blogged about my excitement for this phone. But even so I wasn’t entirely convinced that it warranted a complete upgrade. The added features include wifi, some spell checking garbage, 2MB camera and video recording.

I received the phone this afternoon and spent some time tweeking it and also getting it activated with my own personal Exchange server (talk about nerdy). Then I started playing around with the new features. The most notably cool thing is the wifi. I thought that this might only be used to surf the internet so I did a test and turned off the mobile network to check if it syncs with my mail, etc.. still. And guess what? It does! Now the beauty of this is that a) I can save on data charges by just syncing with wifi b) I can now use my phone for email and chats in Japan (yipee!) c) faster surfing and downloading stuff

Other notable things. The video is really cool. I’m now attempting to email videos to Youtube for direct upload which would be awesome if it works. The 3.5mm headphone jack can use my regular headphones now – nice touch. The external SD card is better located (used to be under the battery). The OS now allows me to create folders on the desktop so I don’t have to hide every app or have too many icons viewable. And finally, the camera seems to take pretty decent pictures.

All in all I am one happy camper and completely recommend the Pearl 8120 over the 8100.

My only small complaints are: No GPS (bah why the hell not?) and the new typing system is a little bit odd (but I’m sure I will get used to it).