around the world in x days

Planning an around the world trip isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. In fact, my head is spinning.

Wait, let me start a little further back for those of you who are unaware about what I’m jabbering about.

A few weeks ago I decided that starting a brand new fresh 2008 would be a great thing to do. This past year hasn’t been a great year. It hasn’t been a completely crap year either. It has been a sort of lackluster year with probably more lowlights than highlights. Such as the death of Roley and some other health related issues that plagued me for months.

So 2008 seems like a great time to start anew. I will be departing from London in February on a semi around the world journey for a few months to visit friends, see some new sights, do some diving, catch up on some reading, avoid the London winter, drink some vinos, eat some fabulous food, work on my tan, etc… before I come back to London and figure out what to do with the rest of my life (or the next few years).

I am currently in the process of trying to plan the entire adventure which includes a pretty packed itinerary of countries and a lot of flying. In some of the locations it is easy – such as Perth where I will visit our fair Bonita at the beach house. In some it has proven to be more difficult – such as what do I want to accomplish in South East Asia for a few weeks?

This trip has also unleashed another monster from within. My gadget monster has come out and is feasting on the possibility of the journey. It has somehow allowed me to justify purchasing a small laptop that is travel friendly, an Amazon Kindle ebook reader and a brand new Canon Rebel xti digital SLR with all the trimmings. Oh lord stop me please!

More details on the adventure to come.