gela skins

I have to come clean about something here. It is a habit that is verging on obessive compulsion that goes along with some of my other fine quirks.

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am addicted to covering up my electronics.

Yes, I cover them. I buy cases for everything. Phone, ipod, camera, laptop. Everything. I can not stand to have my gadgets out free willy not being protected in this harsh harsh world. There is nothing worse than looking at someone scratched up phone or ipod. It is a pet peeve that irks the hell out of me right up there with fingerprints on monitors. People, please do not touch my damned monitor or I swear I will cut your fingers off.

Last week I bought a new laptop. A cute little Samsung Q45 (which I will write about later). The laptop is really nice and came with some plastic covering to protect the shiny black laquerlike lid. I have been pretty much afraid to crack the seal on it for fear of fingerprints or scratches. I was in a lock down…

And then I came across this handy little product called Gela Skins. Gela Skins are essentially a vinyl covering that sticks onto your laptop which protects it from scratches (or better yet, hides scratches you may have). The cool thing about Gela Skins are actually the range of designs that you can pick from. There are lots of funky, hip designs out there in different sizes depending on your laptop.

Now let me say that I was a bit skeptical (who me? never). I have ordered products like this before for my ipod and my phones and been completely disappointed because I am not the most patient person and for some reason you have to have some agile fingers to make them stick on without bubbles or completely screwing it up. I ordered the gela skin pretty much set on the fact that I would throw it away after screwing it up.

Well, the gela skin arrived today. I removed it and stuck it on the laptop. Crooked. Damn it. But yet, it was easy to peal off and restick. And no bubbles. It was slightly too large so I had to cut part of it, but that was the only hassle. And it looks pretty cool too. Yipee! Another glowing endorsement. No more worries about scratches. I feel so free!

Check out the cool design and buy one today


Note that it looks oddly like my profile in the corner…maybe that is why I like it so much.