fall tv lineup

How boring is my life becoming that I am actually this excited about the fall tv lineup? Seriously. It is Friday night and I am sitting here writing about it. Well, that and the fact that my wrist is killing me due to some wonderful weather changing patterns. Gotta love that I can actually feel pressure changes and temperature drops in my bones. What am I, like 80?

Anyways. Back to the fall tv lineup that I am so thrilled about. Whoohoo. Bring it on. I’m super happy that my shows are coming back on, but don’t get me wrong, I definitely was able to tide myself over this summer with some catchup shows.

My favourites over the summer were Dexter, Entourage, Greek and, obviously, Top Chef. I also wasted a little time with Starter Wife and some Real World garbage. And I’ll even admit to having downloaded Kimora – Life in the Fabulous Lane. God, what an annoying biatch she is. The other day I also downloaded the pilot of Dirt and while it seemed pretty interesting, I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to another show especially when there is so much going on with the season premiers!


So what is on my fall tv lineup that I am so over the top about?

Grey’s Anatomy
return. What can I say. I’m a sucker for Grey’s. It makes me cry on every episode. Such a dork.

Ugly Betty
. I missed Mark and Amanda. It is so Giles and me. LYWYNY!

Dexter. My favourite serial killer is back. Yipee!

Weeds. Gets more ridiculous and funny every episode.

The Hills. Yes, I love this stupid ass show. Go Team Lauren!

And finally – the new show that I am all about. Gossip Girl. The first two episodes have been awesome.

I have also downloaded Chuck which is also written by Josh Schwarz. First episode was pretty geeky, especially like the Nerd Herd car that he drives. Jury is still out on this one, so we’ll see.

Guilty pleasure that I shouldn’t admit to watching. Kid Nation. Complete crap, but somehow watched 2 episodes of it.

Yes, as you can see, I’m a total bore. I can’t believe my schedule is actually this full with shows. Damn all this choice and especially damn you, itunes for giving me free pilot episodes. It is like crack cocaine. First rock is free, after that you pay. Damn damn I’m such a sucker.