this little piggy…

For quite some time I have been hearing all about this pork knuckle speciality at the restaurant Kuldse Notsu Korts (The Little Piggy Inn) in Tallinn. The thought of pork knuckle sort of put me off, but it came highly recommended so last night I decided to give it a go.

Little did I know that there were some rules I should have followed (I learned them from the following text messages).

Me: I am going with the pork knuckle. Wish me luck.
Simon: Holy shit. Do you have a spotter?
Me: No. I’m going it alone. Oh god. I’m scared. I didn’t know I needed a spotter.
Simon: Make sure you sit close to the bar then. They are trained professionals. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

It was at that precise moment that my knuckle arrived…





The outcome

Simon: Verdict?
Me: Straight up dirty. Ate half then passed out. Was revived when they put a little of the burnt skin under my tongue. Pretty good stuff, but perhaps a bit ambitious for my small stomach.
Simon: Usually they use the riot control strength mustard sauce for revivals. Glad you liked.

Kuldse Notsu Korts
address: Dunkri 8, Tallinn, Estonia
telephone: +372 6286567