f off itunes

Why is it that it feels like every other day I am asked if I want to upgrade my iTunes? I find this to be annoying as hell and a complete and total inconvenience.

First off I am taken to that godforsaken download page where they (Apple) try to trick me into giving them my email address. I learned long ago that I don’t need to fill this in and ignore it. Although I do have to uncheck the two boxes with the great email offers. Annoying!


Secondly the download is huge and usually ends up taking about 10-15 minutes of my day clicking next, next, next and then installing Quicktime again and then restarting my computer.

Last but not least, I honestly have no idea what the hell I upgraded for. I don’t see any difference in performance or features that make me glad that I wasted this portion of my day.

Fuck off Apple. Stop updating iTunes all the damned time! I am pissed off with this. I am swearing off upgrading for at least the next 2 months or until you give me some new features that are worth it.