tuesday content

Amazing how much difference a day can make to my list of random crap to rant about…

Yesterday, admittedly, I was in a pretty foul mood. The reasons for this were perhaps many or could actually be boiled down to one simple thing.

That simple thing?

I had nothing to look forward to yesterday.

Yes, it is that simple.

I NEED things to look forward to.

Yesterday I was staring out at a landscape that was canvassed in ordinary. An upcoming weekend of not enjoying Notting Hill Carnival, no trips planned, the sun hasn’t shone in days – even weeks at that, nothing to purchase, read most of my books, work is average, can’t think of anything to eat, love life? Anyways – you get the point.

I crave excitement and adventure. I crave travel. I crave new things. I crave sunshine. I need to have something to look forward to or I become a cranky, boring, lame, whiney bitch. I need surprises. I need fun. I need laughter. I need friends. I need good food and good books.

Last night after a talk with a friend I decided to eat the insane cost of the airfare to Barcelona (and trust me, it was stupidly priced) and get the hell out of dodge for the weekend.

And it is like my mood has been restored to its normal self. I am content again. I have something to look forward to!

A weekend with Fiona and Tim, Giles, Alex and Sophie + more. My best friends! It will be great fun – only missing Greg and Bonita terribly in the mix.

I can’t wait!!!