spin-off hell

I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. What can I say, this goes hand in hand with my undercover love of romantic comedies. I am addicted to McDreamy and McSteamy and all the dramas of Izzy, etc…

So how excited was I this weekend to come home from my trip and find that there was a double episode of Grey’s to download on iTunes? Let me tell you, I was like a pig in shit.

Go 1GB download on my super crap Virgin connection and tucked myself into bed with a 1/2 Xanax and a bottle of water to hang out with my friends at Seattle Grace.

Low and behold…here comes the catch.


What is going on in this 2 hour episode? Addison decides to take off to So Cal in a Dylan McCay Porsche that she can’t drive and ends up with a bunch of other really hot, mid 30s doctors.

Something smells fishy here, folks.

I smell —- ewwwww —- a spin off.

Please tell me it isn’t so. It is so Melrose Place meets Facts of Life meets Joanie loves Chachi. And why would they pick pouty-lipped, always with a dumb look on her face, Addison to spin off? What about McDreamy? I could stare at that dude for hours.

I guess that is the end of Grey’s Anatomy as we know it. Time for me to start getting into the Wire…