g to the motha f’in hetto

I love my ghetto ass friends. If anyone else feels the need to send me quality literature like this, please do…

That’s my girl! Go Kermit and the baby!

Shiiit what’s up girl!! The baby has been born. He was born on March 31st after two fuckin days of labor. That was a bitch. Thank God for epidural don’t have labor without it.

Isaac Keith Kavookjian 7.4 lbs and 19.5 inches. Blue eyes and black hair currently turning redder each day and white as fuck. The doctor gave him to me and I was like, “He ain’t black!” I kept looking at him and i swear if my sister didn’t have the shit on film I would have thought they switched the kid at birth. But the doctor says that he will darken up in the next six months. Until then i just look like the black nanny carrying him around in public.

Life has been an adjustment but all is good. Breastmilk boobs came in a week ago and I love them!!! Never again will I be an E cup and I’m going to enjoy them until the last drop. I’ll send pics soon all i got are pics of me feeding him in the hospital and I know you don’t want to see pics o’ boobies. (And my hair is all fucked up, didn’t have time to get it relaxed b/4 he was born). Vain I know but hell.

Glad that your ass is doin well, why were you in India? Do you have pics on your website?
Much love N’Gina