roley the giant faker cat

Everyone has been asking me the same question lately.

How is Roley?

Yes, this seems like the most obvious question to ask me. Considering I was at near devastation a month ago thinking that he was going to drop at any given moment.


roley’s evil eye by priidu

Roley is actually doing amazingly well. Scarily well. So well, in fact, that I almost forget that he was about to die and catch myself yelling at him instead of petting his little head and calling him a miracle cat.

He is like a brand new kitten. He is the old and annoying Roley. The one that we love to hate. Completely and totally different than his sick counterpart Roley who was helpless, limp and pathetically and tragically adorable.

He’s been to the vet several times since our return from India and even the vet seems slightly stunned at his recovery. From the brink of death to the pinacle of Roleyness all in a matter of a few weeks.

This all sounds great. But the truth of the matter, according to the vet, is that Roley is still a very sick little boy and will still drop dead at any given moment despite his outwardly rejuvinated appearance. And he is still on his 7 medications twice a day which he is figuring out new and interesting ways of getting out of taking (such as starving himself and reaching into his hidden stash of chicken bones).

But we gotta keep the faith alive for the little bugger. It really has made all of us appreciate him a little more and perhaps spend a little bit more time paying attention to his endless whining and whinging.

As Arlie told me during his deathbed watch, “Don’t worry. Roley ain’t going out like that.” Let’s just hope that is true for a bit longer cause we’d hate to wake up one day and have no one to steal our chicken bones…