attention deficit … de wha?

Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?

I think I have attention deficit disorder. Or you could probably sum this all up to having too much technology and way too big of a need to communicate and multi-task at the same time added to a slightly anti-social behaviourism coupled with a miniscule case of bi-polar disorder. Huh?

Yes. That pretty much sums up my issues at the present time.

I can’t focus on anything for longer than about 20 seconds. Then my mind races off to the next subject and my body follows suit.

This weekend I was actually reading 4 books at the same time. I would read one for a few pages, put it down and start another one, and thereon and so forth it would continue. All of this in between starting 2 television series and about 4 movies. I continued to switch between these few tasks throughout the days. I also started a few other random projects during the weekend that included throwing out clothes, dong laundry, reorganising drawers, etc… None of the aforementioned did I actually complete.

Why can I not focus? Do I have attention deficit disorder? Someone actually asked me last week if I was not “slightly bi-polar”. Erm… I know that I am a moody bitch, but not sure if this qualifies as bi-polar although anything is possible with me these days.

Perhaps it is this thing that in my family we refer to as the “Robesky syndrome”. The definition of which is the inability to complete anything that we start. We are great starters, we are poor finishers. Ask Fujie about how she has never lived in a house that has not been under some Bob construction. I can attest to this fact with the story of the bathroom.

The bathroom story in short: We moved into a new house when I was 12. Bob ripped the bathroom out to redo it. I moved out at 17. Bathroom still wasn’t finished. I visited throughout the years, bathroom still wasn’t finished. Bathroom was finally finished when I was 29. A mere 17 years after it began. And probably only because Fujie ended up doing most of the work to get it there (where was Bob? probably glued to the computer).

So now the question is – do I have ADD or an acute case of Robesky syndrome?

And the answer? Does it really even matter?

At least I don’t undertake massive remodeling projects and my syndrome only consists of a few hundred unfinished books and movies…and who does that harm? Not a soul.