bombay or bust

Arrived here in India on Saturday to some sweltering heat. Jana was super kind enough to drive the 1 1/2 hour drive from South Bombay to the airport to pick us up. I will post more about our Bollywood adventure later. This one was just to say that we are here melting in the heat and soaking in the madness.


On the steps of Banganga

Today Arlie and I are off to Goa with Jana joining us tomorrow. Will hopefully meet up with some friends from Austria whilst there, get a little sun, have a massage, drink some King Fishers on the beach and roll around on a scooter. Yipee!

One more thing. Roley is hanging out with his new friend Matar at the house. Think good thoughts about the little guy. So far the reports have been that he is feeling ok for the most part although he didn’t eat last night.


Saying See Ya Later to Roley