if only…

If only my life were as complicated as this. Seriously. I can’t imagine life being so difficult. I would have a tough time getting out of bed in the afternoon knowing that unexpected things were waiting around every corner to haunt my existence. And imagine the stress of worrying about what to wear when walking to the store after an evening out drinking free champagne at Budha bar with all my beautiful model friends. And don’t even begin to mention the balls flying at my face and the no show housekeeper…

Unbearable really. I’d just top myself now and put myself out of all that misery.

Subject: Wrong wrong
From: Unnamed Friend of Nerdgirl

So… this ones a shocker…!!

You know that when i am ‘close to home’ im rather relaxed about what im wearing…

It is not unusual for me to nip round to the supermarket or pharmacy in whatever attire i have on at the time – whether it be a bikini, boxer shorts or whatever i see as im leaving my house.

In my state of single-dom and search for a new man.. i should be more careful!!!

In the last year that i have been working PR for this club – there have been TWO good looking guys (in the entire year…!?!?!) that have sparked my interest. One turned out to be a bit crazy – and the other – he would come every now and again, but always leave before i got to have a proper chat with him.

The last time he came (before my club shut for reformas) we had a bit of a chat, he seemed super nice – and i thought id see him again soon – but i was late for another party, and i shot off.

Since then, my club shut – unexpectedly. I had a dinner with my best friend Nina on Tuesday night at Budha Bar – dangerously fun… too much cava – which lead to me waking up late yesterday.

Around 1.30pm i headed to the supermarket to buy milk for tea, sporting a brown t-shirt with ‘The Thing’ on it… (as in the superman/transformers action figure guy from the 80’s), Michaels boxer shorts which i stole from him about 3 years ago. They have faded marajuana leaves all over them, and my gold Havianas that laursie bought for me.. Red Sunglasses.

Whilst in the supermarket i saw 3 girlfriends i know – they sympathised with me as they had also been at Budha the night before!!!

Upon returning to my building. I heard a game of Paddle being played on the court (paddle is a spanish game – a mixture between tennis and squash – kane, look it up!!). A ball flew over the high stone fence landing in front of me on the grass, and within seconds a bouncy sporting guy came out to collect it. It was the guy from my club.

I nearly died. I could not believe my bad luck. I do not know what the probability is of me encountering this guy in this fashion… pretty minimal i wouold pressume.

I looked terrible… tried to explain that id just woken up – still sounded bad.

It got worse when he asked to come up to my apartment after he finished the game – as our cleaning lady has been sick for the last week – and my flat mate and his girlfriend left the flat a pig-sty when they went skiing on Monday….

Welcome to Wednesday – i could only laugh..

He was very interesting. Physiotherapist for the Futbol team Espanol. Quite funny. Cute.

Probably wont be seeing him again anytime soon.

Ah well… que sera sera!!

Just tell me how is it possible…. Out of all of the people playing paddle, at any time of day – in the whole of Barcelona.. on the day i looked the worst… There’s a lesson here im sure!!

On the plus side – his name is Nacho. Its quite a common name here – but could i really see a mexican dish!?!?

Val – quite a catch!!

Ahhh! Tell me something to cheer me up!!

Love you lots,
Its time i turn to Jesus!

Ch. Ch Ch.
Love Me. XXX

BTW, my mother always told me not to go out with guys named Nacho. Or maybe she didn’t, but I think that this is pretty good advice to tell my daughter someday. That and the only difference between love and like is spit or swallow. Two things every child should know. Oh and that Santa Claus isn’t real. Why sugarcoat things?

The very next email I receive from unnamed friend is this. Go ahead, why don’t you just throw salt in my eye and kick me in the shin ala Angry Pirate style while you are at it.

Time to bring back the hula hoop!!




Alright, fuck it. I’m going to go and make her sit at my desk all day where she might have a different view of life…