download it now

Today Skype 3.1 Gold was launched. I think that you should download it because not only is it cool, but it also keeps me employed.


So what super freaky features did the nerdgirl take part in getting out to the world?

Skype Prime – The all new way to make money by offering advice to other Skype users. Think premium rate hotlines right through your computer. You can even call me and give me some of your Skype credit. I’ll be happy to take it.

Typing indicators – Finally! Skype has super nifty chat typing indicators thanks to a couple of smart engineers and graphics dudes. They are so much better than any other IM out there.

I can’t take credit for anything to do with this, but Skype Find is pretty cool. You can add in local directory listings and see what your contacts have added.

If you do a search on Skype Find for United Kingdom > London > keyword: ghetto – you will see some of my handywork and also be able to locate a bottle of Cisco in central London.

Download and enjoy…