the weak (or week)

This last week has pretty much sucked. Who knew that a little cat could throw you into such a bummed out place? I started last week thinking that Roley had a cold and was told that he was going to die, had him in hospital and then out of hospital and barely breathing here at home on a bunch of medications. And now my job is basically to watch him die. This isn’t part of the joys of pet ownership that I thought about when I got the little sucker. But I’m sticking by him and doing the best that I can in my own “Stephanie I can’t deal with this” way. I haven’t been this sad since Danny died – and that says a lot about my frame of mind considering I spent most of that time in the hospital with chest pains and various other ailments. Anyhoo – enough self-pity cause it is more about Roley cat being a sick little old man with a bad ticker. I started searching about how many posts on nerdgirl are about Roley. And there are a lot.


playing pictionary with albi Some of my favs:

Yeah, OK. I am obsessed with Roley. We all knew that!