roley update

Little dude is home now. Chilling out on a bunch of different meds. His breathing is short and quick – and honestly a bit disturbing. But he is here, keeping me up worrying about him all night.


roley at home chilling

Lying in bed last night not sleeping I started to think about all things Roley…so I figured I’d write them down here.

1) Curled into a little ball with his head tucked under his paws
2) He sleeps with me (most nights, except when he is a trader and sleeps with Arlie) and when you try to move your head away from his he will reach his little paw up and touch your face
3) He pulls everything off the radiators because he hates to sit on cold floors
4) When he runs up the stairs, the fat on his belly makes a slapping noise
5) He sometimes snores
6) He hides chicken bones somewhere in the house and we have yet to find out where his secret stash is
7) He has a special cry for food and another one when his litter is dirty
8) He is abnormally strong when he is determined to sit on your lap
9) His favourite stalking position was on top of the TV where he could survey his kingdom, but then we got a flatscreen and he can’t sit on anything anymore
10) He has a weird pore on his neck that I have to squeeze to get the crap out of (gross) and his lip needs draining sometimes (even grosser)
11) His only fur is on his ears and nose
12) Sometimes he grows little whiskers – which fall out easily or I pull them
13) I broke his tail by slamming it in a cupboard when he was a kitten – it is still kinked (oops)
14) When he sleeps on white sheets he turns them brown from his sweat
15) He will eat anything, but doesn’t like popcorn
16) He makes a gross snorting noise when he is sucking on his toes
17) He likes to be carried around the house like a little baby
18) His nicknames are: Roley, Rolando, Dodi, Piggy, Monkey boy, Puppy, buddy, Crackers, Quackas, baby, Roley Poley Puddin Pie
19) We make up songs about him and sing them to him. Such songs are: You are my sunshine, Put your paws up in the air, Rolando – whoooohohohhh, At the Copa Rolando, etc…pretty much anything you can change his name to and sing it to him
20) He forces everyone to love him – even if they don’t want to