wasn’t me

I keep getting hate mail from people about some spam that they have received with some phishing attack from my site. Turns out that some security vunerability in my old blog scripts allowed people to upload some script to my site and then they sent out a bunch of spam with the link to the script.

So I’ve been getting hate mail as if it were me phishing for their info.

People need not be so stupid. Why would I phish for info and actually put it up on my site on a domain where you can very easily get my email address and name? COME ON.

The scripts have been taken down and I haven’t had the time to go through them and see where they are sending the info off to. Will get to that at another time.

I probably get about 1,000 of these phishing emails a day and I never bother looking at them. I am shocked at the amount of people that must fall for this shite from the sheer numbers of hate emails I have received about it.

If you were victimised by this scam, then I’m sorry, but please don’t leave me hate mail as I am just as much a victim as you.


Here is a copy of the email that was sent out…(came from another hate mail that I received)

Dear customer,

We at Interac Association, would like to remind you that your Personal Bank Account has not been updated to the latest Online Access Agreement for Personal Bank Online Services.

In order for us, at Interac Association to guarantee your online security, you need to update your account information. We urge you to partner with us to prevent consumer fraud, by going through the 2 steps Personal Bank Account Confirmation process. This operation involves logging in and confirming your identity over a secure connection at:


After completing this process, you will be informed that your account has been updated and you will be redirected to the actual Online Access Agreement, for you to review.

Thank you