realizations of the week

I know it is only Tuesday so the realizations list should be short and profound, but I have had a few days / years to think about some stuff and being that this the last week of my 30th year perhaps that gives me the right to be a little more introspective than usual. Riiiight.

Since when does my tiny little brain stop thinking?

Never is the answer.


pondering thoughts…

What has been creeping up in my grey matter this week thusfar?

1. Your brain thinks a lot slower after a week of company meetings (cough: party).
2. I actually, in a sick and perverse way, enjoy riding the bus (sometimes).
3. Everytime I am in a moving vehicle I fall asleep. It can be a train, bus, plane… I am like a little baby being rocked to sleep.
4. I sleep like crap. It has become more and more apparent until I have come to the absolute conclusion this weekend that I suck at sleeping.
5. You are only as sober as your last shot of tequla. Can’t explain it, but somehow that makes sense.
6. Turning 31 isn’t as much fun or as little fun as turning 30. In fact, it hardly even matters as long as you still don’t have wrinkles to prove it.
7. Some years stand out. Some years are slide-bys. I’m not sure which is better at this point. Just because it stands out doesn’t mean that it is engrained for a good reason. Would you sometimes want to trade stand out years for a slide-by if it meant you wouldn’t have to go through some of the things that you have endured?
8. Astrologyzone keeps making sense. Damn that bitch and her evil ways, but I can’t help but to read it and still base some small amount of belief on her predictions.
9. Distance and time are a state of mind. If you have a connection with someone, it remains.
10. Humidifiers might be the answer to the fountain of youth. Seriously, they keep you hydrated and we all know that dehydration leads to wrinkles.

OK, fine. Not that deep nor profound, but there it is from my dehydrated mind.