calling all band members

I can’t believe that it is nearing the end of January and The Band hasn’t made a plan for our next reunion yet. Tradition dictates that it will happen at the end of March in Miami, but thusfar the leads have been cold. I am fearing the worst. Has the band broken up? Have we all aged and decided that life is too much to handle and gone our seperate ways? It almost makes me cry.

Let’s do a quicky recap of last year’s band adventures…

a) Pre-formation of the band in Miami – Members: Phillipe, Albi, Michael, Steph


b) Formation of The Band in Croatia – Members: Albi (founding member), Sophie, Benji the Navigator, Thomas the Director, Stefan (Scratch my balls) and Vanessa, Michael, Uncle Stephanie (moi), Sophie and Nasty Basti, Karina, Christophe

c) The Band Does Halloween in NYC – Members: Uncle Stephy, Johnny, Thomas, Benji, Philippe, Albi, Michael

d) The Band Does Snow in Austria – Members: Albi, Sophie, Benji, Stefan, Marie, Fritz, Philippe, Basti, Stephy

So if you are a member of the band, please contact me so we can set up our 2007 adventures. I’m thinking Miami, Ibiza, Croatia and then a little more snow in the winter? COME ON!