netscape geckos

Years and years ago, 13 years to be exact, I bought a leopard gecko. I was 17 and into weird animals at that point. I suppose that hasn’t really changed that much if you look at Roland who is partially reptilian. Anyways, back to the story at hand. First off there was Jerry (named after Jerry Garcia – yes, I was also a little bit of a hippy at that time as well). Shortly thereafter arrived Mary (just because it rhymed with Jerry and I’m not that creative). Jerry and Mary cohabitate with each other in a little fishtank. They aren’t the most exciting creatures in the world. They mostly sleep, eat mealworms and shed their skin. But they are kind of cute and they feel funky. Plus as far as geckos go, they are really quite friendly. Most geckos (as in the kind with sucker feet) are mean bastards and tend to bite (which isn’t a quality that I look for in a pet). So Jerry and Mary began their humble lives in Fresno. They moved out to Dinuba for a short stint and then I believe that they lived with my brother or my parents for a few years while I was in southern California. In 1999 they moved up to San Francisco with me and into my cubical at Netscape. How dotcom. Everyone else brought their dogs, I brought the geckos to work. They even had their own Netscape security badges. Official.

Well, these days Jerry and Mary are surprisingly still around. 13 years and those lizards are chilling in Fresno in Bob’s office living it up eating mealworms and trying to stay warm. Their Netscape badges still hang proudly on their cage to remind them of their glory days.