crackberry hand

When I was in the States visiting I noticed something when I was taking the tram at SFO. There are a million business guy drones with their Blackberries on belt holsters (which is a ridiculous look) and they all pull them out and constantly check them like little nervous crackheads**.

One thing I started thinking about is how deformed people look when they are mindlessly staring into their Blackberry screens with their hands cramped into that position where they can scroll with their right thumbs. This led me to believe that there will soon be a Blackberry-related sydrome that will hit heavy users.


Blackberry Hand coming soon…

Yes, Blackberry Hand will become more prevalent than carpal tunnel syndrome. Soon there will be consultants that will come to your corporation to explain safe use and proper hand / arm technique for ergonomic Blackberry use.

Lawsuits will be filed against RIM technology claiming that people weren’t warned that constant use would damage them. Workmans comp claims will soar in the tech sector.

I forsee disaster!

Reminds me a little of The Jerk when Navin invents the Opti-Grab, makes millions of dollars and then gets sued when everyone goes cross-eyed from use…

** I realise that I do this and how completely annoying it is to everyone around me, but I am an addict so I can’t be blamed.