books for free?

I rediscovered something today that I had completely forgotten about. It may seem quite stupid to say this, but it was kind of like having Christmas come early. I was strolling from the bus stop on my way home and walked by a building that I have passed about a million and one times (slight exaggeration) and decided to drop in for a minute to see what was going on there.

The building was the Kensington Chelsea Library which is about 300 meters from my front door. And inside it contains books! Lots and lots of books. And the weirdest part about it is that you can check them out – for FREE! Yes. For free!


OK I am being a bit of a dork here, but I seriously haven’t been to a library for a good 10 years or longer. I used to go all the time mainly because my parents would get mad at me for reading all of my books too quickly and my entire family would probably be homeless if they let me purchase everything I could read at that time. It was also a weekly trip into town that I would take with Grandma Ginger who had a voracious appetite for reading that has clearly been handed down to Bob and then onto myself. My first library card was given to me when I was 5 and I remember it being yellow with my name printed on it. I was so proud!

Libraries just seemed a little outdated since the Internet came round. Who really wants to go and dig through those wooden catalogues with the dewey decimel system? Low and behold, they don’t even have those wooden card catalogues anymore. They have real live computers to do your research. AND to top it all off you can even search the library online and reserve books for yourself. I think I am in love.

I am really thrilled to have rediscovered this gem in my neighbourhood. Given that my annual book buying bill is around (at least) £400-500 I think that this will allow me to spend that money on other completely useless things – like an Xbox 360 or a wii!

Next mission is to go through my bookshelf and see what books I can donate to the library… why not give a little back?