memories 2006

A few things that stick in my my from 2006 – some would be called my favourites…

Song: Mr Brightside remix by Jacques Lu Cont – Seriously could listen to this track over and over again
Band: Snow Patrol
Holiday: Croatia with The Band
Rediscovery: Mcdonalds hash browns
Restaurant: Nobu berkely square
Sunny day hangout in London: The Cow
Drink: Super sweet electric green cider sitting in a cafe in Tallinn on a hot summer day
Work project: Public chats


Religious experience: The Jesus hole


Celebrity rendezvous: Dinners with Lucy Liu and Milla Jovavich


Sunday brunch spot: Janas house

Phrase: word up
Month: July
Weirdest sighting: 20 rollerbladers at midnight
Live music: Foo Fighters in the park with the estonians


Drunkest day: Janas going away after party at the cow

Gift: The fart machine 2
Shoe: Carvella red and green heels
Gadget: Blackberry
Book: The Secret History by Donna Tartt
Name for roley: Crackers
Household item: slanket
Game: Call of Duty 3, Carcasonne
Drinking hole: Milk and honey, Ruby and Sequoia
Tv show: Greys anatomy (damn I love that McSteamy)
Movie: Little miss sunshine
Bizarre moments: Parnu company party

Photo: Boy Scouts n Steph