do you know what time it is?

Where the hell has all this Christmas spirit come from? Seriously. I am outdoing myself this year with this joyous outbreak of posts. Ran across this video and felt the need to share it.

An old Robesky family tradition at Xmas is to put up Douglas Fir. He is like part of the family and even old Scrooge McDuck Bob gets into having Douglas up. In fact, I think it was Bob that purchased him in the first place. The holidays wouldn’t be complete without saying to someone “Have a TREEmendous holiday”. God damn it, it you don’t get why this is fun then you shouldn’t even bother…

Note: if you look closely enough in the bottom left corner of the video you will notice a polaroid photo of a young Nerdgirl in a kimono standing in front of a Christmas tree. This was taken for Santa with my wishlist of gifts and left in my stocking. Strangely enough I found it in my parents room not long after Xmas that year.

I thought long and hard about why Santa would leave behind my special photo. At least my mom saved it. Guess she recovered it after it fell out of his sleigh. We all know that Santa is a busy man, sometimes he makes mistakes. I forgive him and anxiously await my Xbox 360 or Nintento wii.