my xmas wishlist

I love presents! Yipee! I am feeling the Christmas cheer in the last few days. Need to get my egg nog on and start trying to figure out what to buy the fam for their gifts. As for me, I like to think that I am pretty easy to shop for. All you need to do is buy the latest gadget and I’m happy. I’ve been busily updating my Amazon wishlist for everyone that is clueless as to the things that I want. There are things on there ranging from high-end to low-end. Yes, I am just that thoughtful…

So what is on the list this year?


1. Nintendo wii or Xbox 360
2. iPod 80 gig video
3. Clothes clothes clothes – underwear, tshirts and sweaters
4. DVDs of good rom coms
5. iTunes gift certificates (Bob will be happy that his credit card will get a break)
6. Nabaztag
7. Dinner at Nobu / Roka / Claridges / Fat Duck / Any Michelin star restaurant
8. Trip to somewhere sunny
9. Nice bottles of wine or champagne
10. Surprise me!

The rest of the Amazon list here – feel free to purchase anything you want