it’s beginning to look a lot like xmas

Only one more week here in London before the kickoff to Christmas travelling begins. Thanks to the fact that work is forcing (I use that term lightly – it isn’t like they have a gun to my head) me to take the rest of my holiday time off before the year ends. Yes, I know that sounds like a terrible predicament to be in.

So what am I going to do with my extra time?

Basically I am out of London on a few fun-filled adventures.

Starting off with a quick jaunt over to Tallinn next week to check up on our friends over there and spread a little yuletide cheer. Come back on Thursday only to be departing again the next day to the Austrian Alps for yet another band reunion tour with the crew for Albi’s birthday. Back again on Monday for the evening before running off to California to see the family for a week. I will stay a few days in Fresno, but into San Francisco for the weekend of seeing old friends and eating burritos (yipee!).

And then back to work on the 19th for the next 3 days. I’m sure that I will be feeling fantastic during those days (puke).


Finally Arlie and I have booked our usual Xmas time romantic holiday for non-lesbo lovers in sunny Egypt where we will spend 7 days eating, getting massaged, diving and golfing. Word up. Back to London on the 30th where we will try to avoid New Year’s Eve by spending another evening in drinking sodas and watching Princess Diaries 2.

Stay tuned for more pictures of all these crazy adventures during the month.

That recap again (I’m just gloating now really)
4-6 / Tallinn
8-11 / Austria
12-18 / Fresno & San Francisco
23-30th / Egypt
1 January / Hiding from all the rookie party freaks