pajama island

At our flat we have this little inside joke called Pajama Island. This is a fictional reality television show concept that Arlie and I invented. It basically comprises both of us in our pajamas, sitting in the living room, watching other reality tv shows. Yeah. Not a very good concept. But if either of us asks what the other is doing for the evening and we get the response – “I’m going to Pajama Island” this means that it will be a lazy evening, stuffed into some flannel pjs, ordering takeaway.

And now Pajama Island just got better. It is like Pajama Island the second series has come out.

How is this possible?
We have discovered the Slanket. The best blanket ever (according to its website). And I have ordered two of them.

What makes the Slanket so special?
It is a blanket with sleeves. You can wrap yourself up in it and still change the channel on the tv or surf the web or play video games without freezing to death. Awesome!

Here is a photo of what Arlie will look like after her Slanket arrives. If you have ever been to our house when Pajama Island is being televised, you know this is pretty much what it looks like anyways…


Go and get a slanket for yourself!