one of these kids…

Do you remember when you used to watch Sesame Street and they would have that song – One of these kids is doing their own thing, one of these kids is one in the same…and it would have a Brady Bunch like tiling of windows with people in it and there was the one that stuck out like a sore thumb?

Well, that sore thumb was me this weekend at paintball.

Why the hell did everyone else get actual camoflauge and I ended up desert storm garden ivy leaf camo. Was I supposed to be hiding in someone’s garden or what? It made me a really easy target if not a reincarnation of a pink Ewok…


Didn’t matter because my beloved orange team won the overall competition of the day. There were some heros out on the field…like when Peck shielded me from enemy fire when my gun was jammed. Awesome.

And I came away virtually unscathed. Only one huge bruise on my leg when a member of the green team snuck up behind me and instead of doing the gentlemanly thing and asking me to surrender he shot me in the back at point blank range.

War is hell, folks.

See the photos here