happy birthday bon!

A quarter of a century old. I remember when this young lady was a mere 21 years old and innocently living in the big city of Barcelona. And now here she is turning 25 and having a little party fun in London.


Had a fantastic time over the weekend. Great dinner at Nobu where I was given free reign to order anything I wanted for the entire table. I think that perhaps Chris wanted to kill me when he received the bill, but it was still great food. Following dins we headed over to Pangea and about 200 shots of tequila and some vodka red bulls.


Sunday, after Bonita had missed her flight (SHOCKING) we went for a little stroll through the hood and ended up at the Cow having a bottle of red. That is when the hotel phoned to inform us that Chris and Bon had left their passports in the safe.

Mission from hell. Getting all the way across London to the hotel then to Heathrow. Made it with 20 minutes before the flight had taken off and no tickets purchased. Somehow the staff at Iberia actually let them buy the tickets. For a mere £700. Bargain.

With 10 minutes left before the flight had taken off, we headed to the bar for a farewell shot of tequila. And then they went through security. 4 minutes before depature. Flight wasn’t even listed on the board anymore.

Gotta love that luck.

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