ministry of paintball

What the hell have I gotten myself into? Why did I agree to go paintballing tomorrow with a bunch of brutes? They are going to kill me…

I started receiving shit talking SMS messages last night from the boys. A sampling of the threats:

You motherfucker. I’m going to light your ass up during paintball

Whatever again…Anyway…It’s going to be cool to take your ass out.

I have 3 condoms. I hope thats enough. Get ready.

This is the price I pay for being 1 of the 3 girls out of a group of 18 to go on this adventure to the Ministry of Paintball’s flagship site in England.

And it has now come to my attention that I can be injured…great!


Stay tuned for pictures and story. If I survive.

More about MOP
The most recent site we have built is our Flagship site in Basingstoke just off the A303. It is situated in 700 acres of beautiful oak forest where the river Test, famous for its fly-fishing, runs through it.

At this site we have more tanks, more explosions, more smoke and more trees than anyone else (we’ve counted). It has a car park to accommodate over 200 cars, a base camp with flushing loos, changing rooms, a large field kitchen and a separate barbecue area.

We also have a 120ft bridge for you to take from your enemies, a 30ft high fort to overrun, tanks to blow up and numerous and other obstacles, and scenarios in which to shoot your boss, stag, hen, friends or colleagues.