skype 3.0 – yipee!

The last year of my life has been working on several projects for Skype and today is the day of reckoning. The beta launch has officially gone out with all kinds of cool new features and a kick ass face lift.

Things that I got to play a part in on this release? New Skypecasts controls that are integrated into the client, the Live Tab, enterprise compatibility (geeky) and my personal favourite and pet project – public chats.

What are public chats? (from the Skype blog)
In short, you could say that public chats are text chats that anyone can create, host and join. They’re similar to the current private text chats and indeed, share large parts of the interface, but what public chats offer are better moderation controls, letting anyone join without being “added” and letting you have a link to a chat straight on your webpage, e-mail or any other place.

Read more about them here


I am pretty damned excited that we got this out the door. It is nice to see something come to fruition after months of brainstorming, blood, sweat and tears.

Go and download it now — then join me in one of the first public chats and see for yourself how cool it is! Link is on the sidebar of the blog.