in case of emergency

Imagine that my house started on fire and I could only grab 10 things that I would take with me… What would I take?

1. Roley – I couldn’t let the puppy die in the fire!
2. Grandma Ginger’s diamond bee ring – it is the one thing that reminds me of her most
3. Box of photos and negatives – all the rest of my photos are online so unless the Flickr servers disappear then i’m mostly ok
4. Passport – I’d be screwed without it
5. My computer – might be a bit large but I’d try to drag it out
6. Jewelry – The Rolex, Tiffany ring and pearl earrings
7. Personal journals
8. Mobile phone – how am I going to be able to call for help?
9. Glasses – might be blind without them
10. Mr. Bunny – the stuffed rabbit that my dad gave me when I was 7

I think that is all. I might take Arlie with me, but I’m pretty sure that she would be able to run out on her own. Goes to show you that I really don’t need that all the stuff that I have and could probably live without it all. Hmmm, maybe I should start selling stuff on eBay again.