the perfect relationship

Throw away all those self help books and stop watching Dr. Phil. I have come up with the plan for the perfect relationship.

Given that scientific fact (and my own personal experiences) show that love never lasts longer than 11 months (in my case you could tally that up to 8 months with the final 3 months of yelling) I think that this is a pretty valid idea.

Dr. Stephanie’s Guide to a Lasting Relationship

Basically you use 6 months of the year for boyfriend/girlfriend time and 6 months the year to be single. This way you get the best of both worlds. Obviously you have to use the 6 relationship months up in the winter when it is cold and you want to stay home and watch DVDs and have a cuddle. The other 6 single months are spent in spring and summer when you want to go out with friends and have a good time.

You could even potentially make a relationship last longer if you make a clause to break up during the summer and get back together during the winter. That way you never quite get your 8 months in and you can rekindle your hormones post summer.

Yes. I know I am a genius.

This idea coupled with my theory that men and women need seperate bathrooms if they live together will save countless numbers of relationships everywhere. Remember. Never poop or talk about poop in front of your significant other if you want things to stay steamy. Some may call that intimacy. I just call it gross.

More from Dr. Stephanie at a later time.