lazy sundays

Since I am having a lazy afternoon I thought I would come up with a list of things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Personally I am taking the loner route and enjoying the silence…but in other cases I might consider any combination of these as being a near perfect day.

  • Wake up at 10 am without a hangover (and 7 hours of uninterupted sleep)
  • Girly maintenance – pedicure, pluck eyebrows, deep condition hair, face mask, manicure
  • Wash the cat (most people probably don’t have to do this one)
  • Brunch with a friend/lover, take the Times and sit for hours swapping sections, drinking coffee and blissfully not speak to each other
  • Sunday shop and observe people
  • Get a takeway skinny cappuchino from Starbucks with vanilla powder
  • Sit on the terrace, enjoying the low early winter sun haze whilst reading a Jay McInnerny novel
  • Invite friends over for a sunday roast
  • Stroll down Westbourne Park Road and watch Spanish tourists take photos of themselves in front of the Notting Hill door (and wonder why they bother – and which bad Spanish tourist book it is published in)
  • Turn off your mobile phone and resolve not to speak to anyone or check email for the remainder of the day
  • Take a nap on top of the duvet with the window and blinds open and enjoy the breeze
  • Watch an entire season of Entourage with your flatmate
  • Not take a shower
  • Marinate a steak for 4 hours before bbqing it
  • Make stupid lists such as this
  • Wake up next to someone amazing and decide to stay in bed for another 2 hours (yeah, as if that happens ever)
  • Enjoy being alone