shure thing

If you still use the default headphones from your iPod then you have to realise that they suck. They don’t just suck. They suck BIG TIME. They are the worst and most painful headphones that exist on the market today. I don’t understand how Mr Jobs allows these giant pieces of crap to go out in the market. Not only do they destroy your ear canals, but the sound quality of them is absolutely horrible. I don’t understand the point of paying $400 for a brand new iPod and then having it sound like you are listening to muffled music in a tin can with no bass and no distinction of highs.

Yes, admitedly, I feel somewhat adamant about the fact that I hate iPod headphones. I destroy them. I step on them. I crush them. I kill them. Dead. Like tiny little bugs.

One of the best presents that I have received in past years have got to be the headphones that my Pop bought me for my birthday. They are great. I can’t express how much I love these little guys.

When someone tells you that there isn’t such a thing as a sure thing…they were wrong.


My Shure E2C’s are the best and most used gift that I have received in recent years (not mentioning Hello Kitty). Now, we can’t all go thinking that Bob is the best gift giver because when it really comes down to it I was the one who told him to buy these for me. Nevertheless, they are a fantastic pressie.

Why do I love them so much?

At first I was a bit unsure if I would enjoy them as much as I had been led to believe by several cult fantatical fans. I didn’t think that sticking something deep into the caverns of my ears would be something that a) i would enjoy b) would be comfortable. And I must admit that this portion of the breaking in period of owning these ‘phones takes some getting used to. But after you overcome that semi ear rape violated sort of a feeling, you actually begin to enjoy them.

More than enjoy them. You start to enjoy yourself. You start to enjoy your iPod in ways you never thought would acoustically be possible (especially if you had spent far too much time with those shit default headphones).

It becomes an entirely new experience. One based on good sound quality, no external noise, some deep bass and highs that make you actually not have your volumne settings on 100% all the time because you feel like you might actually do some damage.

So yes, I highly recommend these headphones. In a world where there is no such thing as a sure thing, these are definitely a Shure thing. Get them. Now. And please, burn those free iPod headphones as if they were a Dixie Chicks CD and you were a God fearing, Bush loving Republican…