hr violation?

What the hell is going on in the world today? Seriously. WHAT IS UP?

I left a pair of snow boots in our offices in Tallinn over the summer since I obviously don’t have much need for them here. Last week when we moved offices I asked the boys if they could pack them up and have them moved over to the new building.

And that is when I got the question.

“Why is there a condom in your boot?”

Yes. That was the question.

I couldn’t quite get my head around what the hell they were talking about. Condom in my boot? Is this some Estonian way for saying sock in my shoe?

But they repeated it and informed me in more detail that there was a Durex condom in my boot.

So my obvious questions were:
a) Is it used?
b) Is there a condom or a wrapper or what?
c) What colour is the Durex condom? (maybe not such an obvious question, but I happen to know what color condoms I buy – TMI)

The answers came back a bit vague, but there was, by all accounts, a condom in my boot.

And then the next obvious question was: Where the hell did it come from?

I went to Tallinn this past week to inspect my boots. Low and behold. There was a condom in my boot. The worst part about it was that it was not an intact brand new condom, but a condom wrapper (with no condom in it). WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

It is seriously a mystery to me how I could have worn my boots to the office, taken them off, left them there for the summer and then a condom wrapper appears in them. This leads me to only one possible conclusion… someone shagged in the office and used my boot as a recepticle for their condom wrapper in the heat of the moment.

Anyone else have any other theories that are plausible? Please let me know…


And while we are on the subject of HR violations…

This morning we came into the office and were informed that some “murals” would be hung around the office. Great! Sounds fun! Until we saw what the murals were of…

Hanging in the hallway next to my desk I now have a “mural” of 4 half-naked men with the word GOAL painted across their chests. Somehow their fat bellies and armpit hair makes me feel violated. Not as much as the fact that there was a condom in my boot, but pretty damned close.


(Best part of this photo is that if you click to enlarge it, you will notice the man hanging the mural actually with his face in the crotch of the poster boy – nice timing on that shot, I reckon)