tv in bed…

I know that I thought I was done with the PC project, but it seems to be some neverending mission that I have embarked upon.

The latest addition to the PC? A tv tuner card so that I can watch all those fabulous BBC shows from the comfort of my bed. Another cool thing that I can do is record said shows for all my little Estonian friends that don’t get these great British shows. Or for my own viewing pleasure…


The features of my new TV@nywhere a/d card?

• Watch free-to-air digital terrestrial TV and listen to digital radio (not DAB) on your PC
• Worldwide analog TV reception from cable/air TV
• Integrated Video Decoder and Audio Decoder (BTSC, EIAJ, NICAM, A2 & AM etc) chipset
• Integrate Philips Silicon Tuner and Demodulator to receive DVB-T signal
• Supports real-time video recording in MPEG-4/2/1 format (MPEG4 is compatible with DivX or Microsoft MPEG4). (Note: codec need to be downloaded from internet)
• Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled Recording function
• Supports Still Image capture in JPEG or BMP format
• Supports Microsoft DirectSound for Analog TV / AV / S-Video
• Support HDTV Receiving up to 1080i (DVB-T Only)
• Additional AV/S-Video Input, be able to connect other video sources (such as DVD Player/VCD/VHS/Camcorder)
• DVB-T is compatible with Microsoft MCE 2005
• Listen to FM Radio
• Remote control function
• PIP: Turns on and off PIP Mode, which lets you watch both digital TV and an analog input (S-Video or AV in) at the same time in separate windows
• TWIN: Turns on and off Twin Mode, which lets you watch digital TV and an analog input (S-Video or AV in) at the same time side by side

The only issue that I have now with my uber multi-media pc is that it is completely the most uncomfortable thing to watch from my bed. It hurts my neck! Damn it – a flaw in the plan.