boring! in bcn

Arrived home from a weekend jaunt to good old Barcelona. Headed out on Friday to Gatwick after having been home for an entire day. Thankfully I had hired a pet sitter for Roley-cat so I didn’t have to worry about him dying while Arlie was away in the States.

I was completely not thrilled to be flying Sleasy Jet again for the 3rd time in a week, but I somehow managed despite the fact that I wanted to vomit when they were doing their “hey we’re funny flight attendants” bit. It might be funny for those passengers that don’t fly all the time, but it annoys the hell out of me after having heard it on the same flight at least 20 times. Blah.


Arrived into town and was thinking I would have a nice early night hanging out with Tim and Giles and having a little vino. WRONG. Ended up at Kasbah with Alex, Greg, Evalina, Flo, Kathryn, Tim and some other randoms. And after that – despite the fact that Alex and I made a pact to go home at 3am – we ended up at La Terrassa for some more dancing. Typical!

Saturday was a little cloudy and I was exhausted beyond anything I can remember in the past few months. Giles came over and whipped up an entire lunch for me and sat on the sofa watching Footballer’s Wives for something crazy like 4 hours. Then we packed up and went to dinner and finally ended up at Ottozutz with Jesus and Alex until about 3 am.


Sunday got up at noon and went down to the beach to catch up with Bonita and Greg. Had the standard 3 bottles of wine and some fab fideau at Cafe Sal (just like old times) then had a little siesta on the beach. Went home and changed then met up with Giles for some dinner at Thai Gardens. Mmmnn yummy soup!


And there you have it. The weekend in a nutshell. Not too exciting but it was great to see Giles, Alex, Greg, Bonita and Tim (for a brief second). My biatches!