my achilles’ heel

I have a few weaknesses, we all know that, and they range from geeky gadgets to shopping on eBay to watching My Super Sweet Sixteen. I’m not too embarrassed by these vices because while they are a bit lame they aren’t harmful to my health. But there is one thing that I hate to admit that I love.


How cliche of me. An American that loves McDonalds…

The McDonalds Corporation has done a good number on my head. They have actually made me an addict. McDonalds ranks up there in my book of comfort foods along with mashed potatoes and meatloaf. All of those years of marketing Happy Meals and super sizing have made me a loyal follower of that creepy ass clown.

I don’t eat it all the time. In fact, very rarely these days. But everytime I do, I happen to enjoy it. Nothing beats a Big Mac when you have a hangover. And you can’t help but repeat the ingredients in the Big Mac when you are on your way there…

My favourite things to eat at McDonalds? Hash browns, fillet of fish and, obviously, fries…


My breakfast this morning inspired this post.

BTW, was that Chuck Norris in the commercial or was it just me?