social networking 101

I have accounts and profiles set up everywhere on the net. I am one of those serial signer uppers to the latest and greatest service. Then I usually have a love affair with the service for a few days and never use it again.

I have decided to take a look at the collective numbers of “connections” that I have in the various social networking, messenger applications and address books.

Friendster: 56
aSmallworld: 60
myspace: 94 (ok probably about 15 of those aren’t friends, but bands or artists)
linkedin: 102
Skype: 320 Skype contacts / 97 personal contacts
MSN Messenger: 68 contacts
AOL: 126
ICQ: 78
Yahoo Messenger: 46
Outlook (this is sync’d with my mobile phone): 209

Total: 1,256

Yes – there is overlap in some of those – probably about 25%. But still seems like a lot of people that I can annoy at the click of a mouse. Whoohoo!