i might need a new name…

I might have to resign my post as nerdgirl numero uno after my latest bout with the new computer.

After spending all that time putting together my new little uber machine, I booted it up and attempted to play the latest season of Entourage (which happens to be my new favourite show) on it. And? And it looked like a giant piece of poop. The video was choppy in full screen and was more of a slideshow than a viewing experience. A disappointment, not to mention a complete embarrasement of a nerd computer to have this much processing power and that little display ability. Equivalent of a really hot guy with a really small…harddrive.

The entire purpose of why I put this machine together was to build a little entertainment center where I could enjoy all my movies in the comfort of my bed complete with the Bose surround sound running through the Denon amp (overkill perhaps?).

So what is a nerdgirl to do?

Of course I headed straight to Yoyotech on my lunch break and picked up a new graphics card. A Radeon 9250. Nothing too special. I don’t think I’ll be doing hardcore gaming anytime soon with this card, but I was told that it would serve my menial video tasks with ease.


I brought it home like an excited little child and promptly slammed that puppy into the AGP slot. Fired up the computer. And NOTHING. Ended up spending another 30 minutes tinkering and installing software and generally getting no where. I put the project on hold for the evening and then came back to it when I arrived home tonight. I ended up spending another hour downloading drivers, cursing, restarting, cursing some more and bothering my father.

And that is when Michael O asked me the most relevent question of all.

Is the card really shoved all the way in?

Obviously I had checked this. Several times. But I decided to recheck it.

Should I even bother to continue this embarrassing tale?

Let’s just say that I have non-choppy video in full screen now.