what i is up to this week, innit

I am in recovering from carnival party mode. Seriously. That was the first and last party to be held at Casa de Stephanie and Arlie. Yes, it was fun. But there were moments of pure insanity such as when the 400 people were knocking on the door asking for Casey, their boyfriend, their girlfriends, not speaking English, etc… The carpets were a disaster, there are beer stains running down the bathroom wall permanently, I have Roley poop on my floor from someone knocking over the littler box and the list just goes on. But – it was FUN!


Anyhoo – for the rest of this week I will be trying to hide from life. Probably very unsucessfully.

Tonight I’m off to meet up with an old colleague from Sega who just dropped into London. You have to love anyone that has an article published about them with the quote “Foe has really big balls, and when they get to swinging, watch out!” Should be interesting.

One of the Austrian contingent is in town from Friday which will also prove to be complete insanity. Top it off with Alison’s birthday party Friday night and another possible party on Saturday and I pretty much want to crawl under the bed and pretend that I don’t exist.

Other goals for the week (see it doesn’t always include parties!):

  • Get all my flickr photos tagged with geolocational data – sweet new feature
  • Finish cleaning out the summer wardrobe and make room for the new fall fashions – DONE
  • Wash Roley and clean his stinkin’ ears
  • Do all laundry – DONE
  • Put all the furniture and DVDs back into the living room
  • Install new graphics card in the PC (must investigate and purchase one first)
  • Car insurance and send of registration
  • Go to the driving range
  • Get a haircut
  • Finish reading the really stupid book that I am in the middle of
  • Get the garbage picked up from the front of the house
  • Enroll in jewelry making course – DONE
  • Enroll in course for food writing – DONE
  • Book trip to NYC to purchase new fall fashions and visit the Loeber, Greg, DB n crew

    Yeah – that is all for now since the rest of the week is only about 2 days…