songs that i just don’t get

Was on my way into work this morning and the Lionel Richie song Dancing on the Ceiling came on the radio. I started to hum along with it. Oh what a feeling… yeah! But then I stopped and started thinking about what the hell the lyrics mean. You can’t dance on a freaking ceiling. What is this man on about? Why is this song popular. It was like he was desperate to rhyme the word feeling. Jesus. Why do people fall for this crap?


There is another song, that oddly enough, is sung by the Commodores (Lionel Richie) that I don’t understand. I just can’t come to grips with the song: Easy Like Sunday Morning. Yeah, I suppose that it is meant to invoke these romantic visions of lying in bed with my lover, sun peaking through the blinds, starring lovingly into each others eyes…but I honestly don’t have Sunday mornings like that.

There is NOTHING easy about my Sunday mornings. They usually comprise me waking up bleary-eyed, hair tussled, smelling of smoke and my mouth tasting like Roley has taken a poo in it at about noon to rainy London.

So damn those Easy Like Sunday Morning and Dancing on the Ceiling songs. How about writing Hungover from Dancing on the Floor songs for the real people?