hasta luego danny

Was just talking to Giles about Danny and thinking about the days when we used to go to lunch together every day. We used to take about 2 hours that usually consisted of a lot of beers for the boys and a lot of vino for me. And we didn’t call them lunches. Danny named them “slunches”. Slut lunches. Because the entire time we would sit and talk the biggest amount of shit known to mankind. Damn it, we miss our Danny boy

Here was something that I wrote a while ago for a site called 1000words.net.


Dear Danny,

I only had the pleasure of having you in my life for 3 1/2 years, but you left a lasting impression on my life. I still remember the first day that you came to work. You were so young and so enthusiastic. Your smile won everyone over in an instant, but your inherent charm sealed you to their hearts forever. There were days that I scolded you as a mother would and there were days that we talked about life and our future hopes. I saw so many opportunities for you – in life, in love. You always worried about everyone else – to the point of your panic attacks – including me. During the times that I was scared about my health you were the one that took me to the doctors and the hospitals and the roles reversed, you became my scolder. Your heart was always in the right place even though your body would be about 10 minutes late getting there.

And you were there in all of our lives, a soul that burned so brightly at every moment of your life that all of your energy was used up and you had to leave us. I know that you would hate to leave this party of life, to leave all of your friends and family behind. And I have trouble trying to understand how to continue on without the glow of your light in our lives. It is hard. We miss you so much and our hearts ache to hear your laugh just one more time.

So, I refuse to say goodbye to you, Danny. I will just say hasta luego. Till we meet again.

All of my love,