the diet of the century

I am a leader – not a follower. That is why when people say South Beach Diet, I just have to laugh. When people all decide that they want to go to yogalates, I install a motherboard and figure that the act of twisting my wrist to get the screws in is just as healing.

Therefore when I am feeling fat and bloated I go on my own specially made diet.

And damn it if it doesn’t make more sense that some of the other crap diets there are out there.

What is my very own invention diet you ask?

The Sushi and Vodka diet.

Yes, that is correct. Sushi and vodka.

How this diet works is pretty damned simple and rewarding.

It basically takes my two favourite things and combines them into a weight loss therapy that I can live with and have fun doing!

Breakfast: Cappuccino
Lunch: Sushi / Sashimi and water
Dinner: Vodka tonics

Voila! Just do this for a few weeks and you’ll be well on your way to a slimmer, trimmer, drunker version of your earlier self.


look how happy she is!